"The horse! A symbol of surging potency, and power of
movement, of action."

D.H. Lawrence


From primitive cave drawings to the blockbuster movie Seabiscuit, equines have attracted us, commanding our attention as a magnificently strong and vital symbol of potency, power, and action. To thoroughbred lovers, there’s nothing more thrilling than watching a foal nursing at their mother’s side, or a yearling prancing in a field, or their champion surging toward the finish line.

Once you visit our farm you’ll see why our facilities are regarded as among the finest in the country. Each of our six barns has been designed and built in the tradition of top European and Canadian barns–barns like Winfield, owned by E.P. Taylor, which have housed such champions as Northern Dancer. Fifteen miles of fencing encloses the rolling pastures of our 800-acre farm–a picturesque backdrop where horses thrive. We are also committed to keeping abreast of the most advanced techniques and processes, staying current with new research developments, and investing in the best state-of-the-art technologies.

At Gallagher’s Stud, we constantly admire and completely dedicate ourselves to nurturing the beauty, grace, and speed of healthy, well bred athletes. Successful from it’s first year, our commercial breeding program remains one of the farm’s mainstays. Our 200 years of combined experience makes us an invaluable resource when you want to inject speed, stamina, versatility, and championship blood into your breeding program. You’ll also appreciate our high standards of excellence, as we are members of the NY Thoroughbred Breeders Association, and also participate in the NYS Horse Health Assurance Program.

Gallagher’s Stud is also pleased to offer boarding services that are second to none. We are fully staffed with a knowledgeable, experienced team of dedicated horsemen and women–including an equine masseuse. To offer maximum care, we limit our boarding to no more than twenty horses at a time.

We’d be pleased to show you around the farm and discuss your needs. To schedule an appointment or arrange for a phone conference, please contact Phil Trowbridge at cell phone 518/369-6584, or e-mail

New York State Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing Program

New York State Horse Health Assurance Program